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February 23, 2014
Nicole Phelps

“This isn’t your ordinary fucking fashion show, I’m telling you right now,” Rita Ora declared today at Philipp Plein before launching into her hit “Facemelt.” The lyrics of that tune, “I’m the kind of heat that will make the place melt… This the kind of beat that will make ya face melt,” would take on greater meaning before the end of the night. But Ora’s pronouncement rang true from the moment the invitation arrived, a huge brass buckle with a cow’s skull in the center surrounded by the words “Philipp Plein: Noir Cowboy.” Inside the Teatro Alcione, the designer installed a neon-lit gas station and parked an El Camino Classic underneath it. And that’s not all: Plein hired none other than Naomi Campbell to open and close his show.


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