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January 11, 2014 Milan
By Matthew Schneier

A collection’s progress from conception to execution is really only half of its journey. After that, it enters the great big world. What happens to it there is out of a designer’s hands, but a smart one will pay attention. Neil Barrett is one who does. He had a hit on his hands last fall with his statement sweatshirts, so he’s repeated the trick every season since. But he noticed when the previous Fall collection was bought and worn that young guys chose to wear those sweatshirts as fully fledged outerwear, sans coat or jacket. Lo and behold, that’s how he showed them tonight.


YVL_5206.1366x2048 YVL_5216.1366x2048 YVL_5226.1366x2048 YVL_5301.1366x2048 YVL_5320.1366x2048 YVL_5338.1366x2048 YVL_5567.1366x2048 YVL_5579.1366x2048 YVL_5599.1366x2048 YVL_5672.1366x2048 YVL_5691.1366x2048 YVL_5710.1366x2048 YVL_5813.1366x2048 YVL_5833.1366x2048 YVL_5855.1366x2048

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