MOSCHINO F/W 2015/16

luglio 10th, 2015 - by admin

Nicole Phelps
February 26, 2015

It was just a year ago that Jeremy Scott sent his ode to Mickey D’s down the runway at his Moschino debut. So much has happened since then: a new fragrance dubbed Moschino Toy and advertised as the “world’s cutest perfume”; a just-opened L.A. flagship and a New York location on the way; Katy Perry flying over the 50 yard line at the Super Bowl in a star-spangled dazzler with a Moschino tag inside. Scott is nothing if not productive.

Just eight days after he presented his eponymous collection in New York, he was back on the runway tonight with his best Moschino collection yet. Scott’s loving tributes to pop-culture icons McDonald’s and Barbie were honest-to-goodness social media phenomena, but it was time to try something else. His solution was to look at the street, a fairly popular fashion meme lately—see the success of HBA, VFiles, and even Kanye West x Adidas Originals—but this wasn’t a case of me-too-ism. Scott’s street is colorful, sexy, and altogether irrepressible. Next year’s polar vortex will be a hell of a lot easier to take in his glossy sleeping-bag coats and vests.


MOS_0041 MOS_0047 MOS_0117 MOS_0147 MOS_0169 MOS_0203 MOS_0213 MOS_0357 MOS_0389 MOS_0429 MOS_0481 MOS_0519 MOS_0547 MOS_0571 MOS_0675 MOS_0805 MOS_0845 MOS_0913 MOS_0973 MOS_1003 MOS_1073


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