GUCCI FW 2015/16

luglio 13th, 2015 - by admin

Nicole Phelps
February 25, 2015

Although it was significantly less buzzy than it might’ve been if one of the name-brand designers rumored to have been in the running had gotten the gig—Tisci, Kane, Altuzarra, Ford, even—Alessandro Michele’s Gucci show today still qualified as a moment. Fashion loves a debut; consider all the unanswered questions: Would Michele take Gucci in the more daring direction Kering chief François-Henri Pinault said was necessary for the cooling brand? Would his womenswear follow the androgynous lead of his hastily-put-together menswear show in January? What’s with the mop of scruffy, shoulder-length hair? Beyond the curiosity factor, there’s always a cross-your-fingers feeling to these occasions, and not just for the Gucci executives who want to put the company back in growth mode. We’re all critics, but we love having someone new to cheerlead.


GUC_0039GUC_0055 GUC_0063 GUC_0077 GUC_0095 GUC_0285 GUC_0301 GUC_0351 GUC_0365 GUC_0405 GUC_0417 GUC_0445 GUC_0487 GUC_0507 GUC_0521 GUC_0559 GUC_0595 GUC_0663 GUC_0707 GUC_0725 GUC_0773

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