GUCCI F/W 2015

luglio 9th, 2014 - by admin

By Nicole Phelps

Back to the sixties. Maybe it was all those old pictures of movie stars sporting Gucci in The Director, a new documentary about her design process, that got Frida Giannini going about the brand’s glory days. The film, produced by James Franco, was screened this January in Paris. Giannini has mined the house archives before, as recently, in fact, as her Spring 2013 ode to principessa glamour. Only this time, the look was Swinging London rather than Roman dolce vita. Think more Jean Shrimpton, less Marella Agnelli.



GUC_0019.450x675 GUC_0035.450x675 GUC_0055.450x675 GUC_0071.450x675 GUC_0087.450x675 GUC_0105.450x675 GUC_0125.450x675 GUC_0145.450x675 GUC_0159.450x675 GUC_0198.450x675 GUC_0215.450x675 GUC_0233.450x675 GUC_0552.450x675 GUC_0571.450x675 GUC_0597.450x675

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