FENDI F/W 2014/15

ottobre 20th, 2014 - by admin

February 20, 2014
Tim Blanks

Today’s Fendi show provided one of the most poignantly incongruous images that this season is likely to offer: a fresh spray of orchids pinned to a wild fur stole belted around Georgia May Jagger’s shoulders. A Neanderthal’s attempt at flower arranging? Not at all. Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by Billie Holiday’s song “Violets for Your Furs,” and he’d been thinking about the charming old tradition that dictated a woman’s husband or lover would pin her with a floral corsage as she set off cross-country by train. That led to travel being the theme of his new Fendi collection—travel for the sake of travel, the journey being more important than the destination, romantic notions that were reflected in Michel Gaubert’s blend of Shostakovich and Philip Glass on the soundtrack. And yet there were sci-fi drones hovering above the audience today, recording the event. The handful of evening-ish outfits at the end of the show looked like star maps printed on stygian velvet…the multiverse, the ultimate journey’s end. So past and future melded in typical Fendi fashion.


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