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March 1, 2015
Tim Blanks

If their men’s collection was a celebration of family, it made perfect sense that Dolce & Gabbana’s women’s show would focus on Mamma, the fulcrum of the family. And what a focus! There were 11 mums on stage with their children. That required a full nursery setup backstage. On the runway, three models walked with their own children (the sheer joy of one little girl to be out theredoing it made the hardest hearts melt). And Dolce stalwart Bianca Balti catwalked with ahuge bun in the oven. Viva La Mamma!

“She’s always there, she’s the person you can always call.” It’s just like Stefano Gabbana was saying: “Every man everywhere has a mother.” You could score all kinds of sociopolitical points off such a notion in the present headline-driven climate of male-dominated, life-denying madness, but Gabbana was much keener to make a point about fashion, which is often accused of being detached from the eternal verities: life, love, relationship with self and others. The positive message of the show—and the collection—was that everything we are is an extension of where we came from. One more time: Viva La Mamma. (Il Papà had his moment in the spotlight in January.)



DOL_0063 DOL_0165 DOL_0201 DOL_0217 DOL_0231 DOL_0283 DOL_0509 DOL_0547 DOL_0593 DOL_0637 DOL_0683 DOL_0721 DOL_0819 DOL_0859 DOL_0973 DOL_1015 DOL_1039 DOL_1049 DOL_1123 DOL_1217 DOL_1415

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