ottobre 2nd, 2014 - by admin

February 28, 2014
Tim Blanks

Raf Simons radicalized menswear physically and philosophically, which is why the fact that he is now helming Dior still has such a pinch-me potency. The possibilities inherent in the tie-up are enough to make the senses swim.

Today, sight was the first sense to feel the power of possibility. The enveloping, surreal floral bower that was last spring’s set had been replaced by an industrial simulacrum, flowers of light radiating in a spectrum that turned red into searing orange (Grace Coddington’s hair was a flaring corona) and blue into bright turquoise. Then the light turned white, and hearing, the second sense, surrendered to the martial techno pulse of French Fries’ “Bug Noticed”…


DIO_0072.1366x2048 DIO_0090.1366x2048 DIO_0109.1366x2048 DIO_0151.1366x2048 DIO_0179.1366x2048 DIO_0198.1366x2048 DIO_0208.1366x2048 DIO_0227.1366x2048 DIO_0247.1366x2048 DIO_0418.1366x2048 DIO_0440.1366x2048 DIO_0457.1366x2048 DIO_0478.1366x2048 DIO_0505.1366x2048 DIO_0522.1366x2048 DIO_0613.1366x2048 DIO_0698.1366x2048 DIO_0742.1366x2048 DIO_0760.1366x2048 DIO_0825.1366x2048 DIO_1052.1366x2048 DIO_1060.1366x2048 DIO_1197.1366x2048

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